The Truck Boss Show, an affiliate of TBS Factoring Service, LLC, is about all things trucking. Our goal is to improve the lives of motor carriers with easy to access, entertaining and informative content that makes life on the road more productive and enjoyable. We know truckers and are passionate about bringing original content into your home away from home — your cab. We cover news, gear, reviews, chrome, driver profiles, tech, music, food, rigs, maintenance and truck shows — Truck Boss covers it live with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage you won’t see anywhere else!

Our mission is to examine and give voice to today’s biggest challenges and raise awareness for our nation’s professional drivers.

Meet Our Team

From Left to Right: Genie Wood, Chris Krummrich, Niki Snyder, Britnee Joyner, Jason Holste & Alicia Plotz.

The Truck Boss Show launched in late 2017, is the only weekly on-demand national broadcast dedicated to all of the things that make truckers and trucking great. Trucking is the backbone of our economy, without truckers, everyday consumers would find store shelves empty and businesses could not exist. Our goal is to tell the stories of our people, the American Trucker and the essential job they do each day in order to make ours better.

The team is experienced and knowledgeable about the challenges truckers face with working long hours and living on the road away from family. With a bilingual cast unique to the industry, the show is a fun, distinctive and unparalleled experience.