April 22, 2021 / S4E16 / views

Pregnancy in Trucking & Peterbilt 579 Review

S4Ep16 This week: More and more women are continuing to join the trucking industry and becoming drivers. They love the flexibility, the traveling, and of course the income. But have you ever wondered what benefits they may have if they become pregnant or is there such a thing? Isela sits down with Biological Anthropologist, Courtney Manthey-Pierce to answer that question. Also, this week; Which truck is considered to be the King of the Iron Giants? Well, some say it’s the Peterbilt… is this fact or foe? We will let you be the judge after you check out this review of the latest Peterbilt 579 model from the newest member of the Truck Boss Show, Britnee. Plus, the CVSA International Road Check is set to take place May 4-6, 2021 which is right around the corner. Matt and Joey share some tips on how to be prepared for that upcoming blitz.

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